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*Boots old journal away*

Just thought I would make an new journal since May. Other than the pics I have posted on my gallery not too long ago, I have been playing Super Mario Maker since back on the 11th of this month and I am having fun with it so far. Also, this is a true fact, I have been collecting amiibo's too as I'm currently waiting until tomorrow to pick up the Retro 3-pack at my local GameStop. Said pack contains Duck Hunt, ROB and Mr. Game & Watch. (Which its the one I can't wait for since its the only amiibo that you can change its poses that you can swap out at anytime.) I might post my amiibo collection but it'll have to be in separate pics since I have quite a lot of them, so I may or may not do it.

And now, before I go, here is the video I promise you all to see. Just a word of warning before you watch it, which I'll put down what it said on the description.

*I just came across this mod the other day in which this mod for just Luigi. I just found it awesome I just had to show off the moveset for this mod and much much more... Changing the costume will actually change the moves a bit as well as having a different final smash. He has 6 final smashes in total! I think you guys will enjoy this mod... A few moves may be a bit perverted!*

I might post another journal like this in the future but anyways, hope you like what you see and see you guys later.


United States
Hello, my name is Charles. I'm new here at deviantart so I hope you would like my stories once I post them time to time. Hope you enjoy them and thank you for reading this.

Nintendo 3DS friend code: 3437 - 3158 - 4257

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Vore code:…

(Put this on your page if you role-play.)

My DA family:

Tao Brother: :iconaleronssword:

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crimsonshredder33 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
Are you going to keep posting vore stories in the future?
ShikiruEmberflame Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ey ya lovely little Reshi you? or is it Shay?
negativewarrior Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Nope, not an Reshi. I'm an Shaymin, or Shay as you had said. Let me guess, you just seen the post I had put up in my gallery, isn't it? :3
ShikiruEmberflame Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Mayyyybeeeeee~ >w>

Was kinda wondering how you were doing! Been a while.
negativewarrior Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Heh, but if you did seen the pic I do hope you like it. :)

Anyways, I'm doing fine right now, just watching some TV in the living room of my home. Also, I can't wait for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon since I already pre-ordered the game.

What about you? How are you been doing lately?
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DarkAmphy Featured By Owner Edited Sep 10, 2015

I hope that you like it
legoman56m Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
hello? are you there?
CelineDGD Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015

Hellow there random deviant. :) *clicked the random deviant button* Just want to spread the love. :)

You are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say. <3

Have a hug too. :hug:
Don't be afraid to pass this on if you want. :)

And have a nice day/evening/night. :3

Sincerely, CelineDGD
Happy Helper of the Happy-Squad

D12-iZoroark Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
negativewarrior Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Hey, are you doing okay as of right now?
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